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Gel Co London serves up fierce style, glamour, and safety with over 350 personality-driven colours

Gel Co London, an innovative new brand of premium gel colours, is on a mission to keep nail enthusiasts safe from harmful chemicals without sacrificing the boldness, beauty, or quality of the gel. The company is a pioneer of HEMA and chemical free gels in both the UK and on a global scale, and is set to become a universal leader among gel brands. Gel Co London officially launch their impressive range of HEMA free gels in January 2023.

The UK market is saturated with gels containing HEMA

Mo and Zaina

“The real driving force for me, as a concerned dad, was the amount of chemicals in gels offered in the UK, in particular HEMA. I didn’t want my daughter, Zaina, or anybody else for that matter, to get exposed to this product,” said Mo Osman, founder and CEO of Gel Co. London.

Mo developed his groundbreaking formula after his 9 year old daughter Zaina said she wanted to start her own line of gels during a peaceful dog walk in the West Sussex countryside. The doting dad turned visionary was determined to help Zaina make her dream come true. He immediately began researching and studying the market, only to find that it was saturated with gels containing HEMA and other harsh chemicals.

The dangers of HEMA

HEMA has been classed as a high-level allergen and the principal cause of an ‘allergy epidemic’ by the British Association of Dermatologists in 2018. Countless other studies proving the dangers of HEMA inspired Mo to create an innovative brand of salon-quality gels that were safe and free from this harmful chemical. Gel Co. London products are also vegan and cruelty-free to provide clients with complete peace of mind.

Aside from offering a safe and stylish solution for gel products, Gel Co. London are one of the only two brands in the UK to manufacture generously sized 20ml bottles, helping salon owners and home users alike make the most of their stunning and safe colours.

Over 350 personality-driven gel colours

All Gel Co. London products are developed with a passionate blend of enthusiasm and consideration. In between meticulous market research over the duration of the covid pandemic, Mo and Zaina handpicked the names and colours of each gel. On a mission to create gels that truly capture the individuality of the wearer, Mo and Zaina created colours that reflected the essence of their friends and loved ones. The range has since expanded into over 350 colours that are guaranteed to cater to every aesthetic.

Salon owners and consumers looking for stylish, chemical free gel options can browse Gel Co London’s extensive range of gels, including base coats, top coats, and strengthening builder gels, on their website (


Gel Co. London is a leader of HEMA and chemical free professional gels in the UK. It brings luxury to the fingertips of consumers and salon professionals alike through its expansive range of beautifully glossy and high quality gels.

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