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Your clients place their trust in you, but how reliable are the products you use? A single allergic reaction can shatter this trust. Allergies can emerge instantly or develop over time. At Gel Co London, our product development began with unyielding priorities and standards to ensure client protection. Our guiding principle has always been to ‘safeguard your clients.’ Your success hinges on the loyalty of clients who value your expertise and skills. Rely on Gel Co London’s HEMA free and hypoallergenic nail polish gels, which are formulated without a range of harmful chemicals. For a detailed list of what we leave out, click here: 10 Free List.

We also focused on the broader impact of manufacturing our products. Our offerings are vegan, cruelty-free, and recyclable. Gel Co London’s hypoallergenic and HEMA free gel nail polishes ensure top-notch, vibrant nail color while safeguarding you, your clients, and the environment.

What is HEMA?

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10 Free List

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