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In recent years, concern has grown among nail art enthusiasts and salon technicians about the chemicals in our favourite products – namely HEMA. As a result, the availability of HEMA free gel polishes is rightly soaring.

In today’s blog, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about HEMA free gel polish, including its benefits, application techniques, and how this amazing product is changing the industry landscape.

What Is HEMA and Why Is It Bad?

In short, HEMA is a chemical traditionally used in nail products to provide added strength and adhesive qualities.

Now for the long story… it’s a little scientific, so stick with us.

HEMA is a single monomer – a molecule that can be bonded to other molecules to form a polymer. It’s used for its strong bonding properties in nail art, acting as a glue to fix the gel product to the nail. It can also make nail polish applications more durable and long-lasting, so they’re less likely to chip or crack.

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So What’s the Problem?

There’s been a recent focus on the use of HEMA in nail products and its potential irritant properties. It’s been linked to skin reactions, nail damage, and even more severe health issues for individuals who are particularly sensitive to it.

The level or reaction a person experiences can vary from severe to nothing at all, but this has caused the nail polish industry to respond to these concerns by creating HEMA free gel polish, and HEMA free nail polish and builder gels.

Advantages of HEMA Free Gel Polish

There are many advantages to HEMA free gel polishes that make them safer, more gentle and more effective for nail professionals and their clients.

  • Firstly, they are safer and reduce the risk of adverse reactions and sensitivities, which can cause some highly unpleasant and painful skin conditions.
  • Their formulation also removes a potentially harmful chemical, making them generally safer for both clients and professionals.
  • HEMA free gel polish doesn’t have a strong chemical-like smell to it, making time spent in the salon a more pleasant and comfortable experience.
  • Another benefit to HEMA-free formulas is that their rubber-like composition tends to improve flexibility in the gel product, helping it to adhere to the natural nail more effectively without damage, while also reducing chipping or cracking.
  • HEMA-free gel nail polishes are compatible with standard UV or LED lamps that many nail technicians use for curing gel polish. So don’t worry, if you decide to stock HEMA free nail products, you won’t have to replace any nail care tools or equipment.
  • You’ll also find plenty of HEMA free colours and finishes – from glitter, to bold bright colours, fluorescents, and other unique formulations for creating nail art and patterns.
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How Do I Apply HEMA Free Gel Polish?

Applying HEMA-free gel nail polish is simple, and follows a similar process to traditional nail varnish or other gel polishes.

  • Start with clean, dry and filed nails, and apply a layer of HEMA-free base coat to create a good canvas for your nail art.
  • Cure this under a UV or LED lamp.
  • Apply the colour coat. You may need an additional coat of colour depending on your desired result (if it requires layering).
  • Next, cure the colour coat under the lamp.
  • To protect the nails from chipping and to give extra durability, apply a top coat and cure it for the recommended time.
  • If you need a quicker turnaround, Gel Co. London’s The1 Builder Gel helps you to save time with a gel that paints directly onto the nail. Clean up any residue and you’re good to go with a HEMA-free gel manicure.
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Leading the Way With HEMA Free Nail Products

At Gel Co. London, we’re one of the few brands in the UK raising the issue of the need for safer nail products. Our gentle formulation shatters industry norms, and our HEMA free gel polish is not only hypoallergenic, kind to skin and vegan, but it’s also cruelty free too.

We prioritise wellbeing, safety and skincare in all our products, with a wide range of colours to suit your mood and style. If you’re thinking of stocking HEMA free nail products in your salon, always check product labels or consult directly with the manufacturer before purchase to ensure that the formula is HEMA free.

According to the British Association of Dermatologists (BOD), the leading allergen in many cosmetics and nail products is HEMA. We want to change this, so that you and your clients can enjoy a manicure without worrying about how their skin may react.  

Industry and consumer awareness of HEMA-free gel nail polishes marks an all-important landmark in the nail art industry, and many people are looking for safer and more reliable alternatives that do not potentially cause dangerous adverse reactions. As consumer demand for this continues to rise, more nail salons and nail brands will be required to make the shift to HEMA free nail products to offer clients a worry-free manicure that is kind to skin. HEMA free alternatives still offer flawless results when used correctly, with a wide range of finishes and colours available on the market and the total peace of mind that comes with a more gentle formula that’s free of nasty chemicals.

Are you ready to join the HEMA free movement? Browse Gel Co. London today and start stocking up your HEMA free gel polish collection!