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Spring is the season of rebirth, which means it’s the perfect time to step up your nail game! From bold and bright colours to playful patterns, there are so many eye-catching trends to try out this season. Whether you’ve got some special events coming up or you just want to add a touch of glamour to your everyday looks, we’ve got plenty of inspiration in store for you. Let’s dive into the 6 best nail trends of spring 2023!

Slaying Spring Trends With Gel Co London

Whether you want to create a subtle burst of colour with a new school French manicure or indulge in the richness of velvet nails, there’s no better gel to use than Gel Co London! Our high quality HEMA free formula will make your manicures gorgeous and long-lasting, while keeping your nails healthy and safe.  Check out the Spring Collection here.

French With A Twist

Lovers of French manicures can rejoice, because it’s back and better than ever this season. The classic design has been revived with fresh colours, from mysterious blacks to dazzling metallics and sweet pastels. The micro or baby French is also trending, which is great news for those who prefer a shorter nail look. 

Skittle Nails

Can’t decide on just one shade? The skittles manicure will be right up your alley. You can create a cool monochromatic look by choosing a light to dark palette in one colour, or truly taste the rainbow with a variety of colours from a similar group. PS: You don’t have to replicate the colours of actual skittles. This look also looks super chic with neutral tones! 

70s Swirls

If you’re a fan of the retro aesthetic that’s been trickling into the fashion world, why not incorporate it into your manicure? Psychedelic swirls are an eye-catching and versatile trend that results in something unique every time.

Airbrush Nails

Another blast from the past is the airbrush nail trend. A popular look from the Y2K era, this look is on the rise again. Consider it a softer take on the ombre look with its slightly hazy blend of two colours. Prints and patterns also look great on airbrush nails, so it’s essentially a manicure that has it all!  

Velvet Nails

You can’t beat the plush feel of velvet when it comes to luxurious textures, and now the sumptuous material can be recreated on your fingertips! Made with actual soft, velvety fibres (AKA flocking powder), this manicure style results in a mesmerising texture that radiates with sophistication.

Preppy Prints

The nail world has fallen head over heels for Tommy Hilfiger’s recent runway show, where models were sent down the runway with manicures boasting classic preppy prints like nautical stripes, checkers, and gingham. Adorable and perfect for warmer days, the prints have been on demand at nail salons all over the world ever since.