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The1 Builder Gel™ from Gel Co London is a hypoallergenic builder gel, ideal for enhancing natural nails.

The1 Builder Gel™

What makes The1 Builder Gel™ stand out?

Developed by Gel Co London, The1 Builder Gel™ offers nail technicians the ability to strengthen their clients’ natural nails safely and effortlessly. It allows for the construction of overlays without the need for extensions.

The1 Builder Gel™ features a self-levelling, medium viscosity, and is HEMA-free. It can be applied directly onto natural nails, serving as a primer, base, and builder in one. Use it in multiple thin layers to fortify nails or as a natural nail overlay to support the growth of weak and brittle nails. Once cured, it forms a robust soft gel that resists chips and breakages and can be infilled or removed with 100% acetone. It is designed to be worn alone — finished with the exclusive Diamond Endurance Top Coat for a natural, diamond-like glossy look — or as a foundation for creative designs using our vibrant, often one-coat, HEMA-free coloured gels or dazzling glitter gels.

Which The1 Builder Gel™ shades are suitable for building extensions?

The1 Builder Gel™ shades like The1 Sif (White) and The1 Bona Dea (Clear) are specially formulated to be used directly on nails without needing a primer or base coat.

The1 Sif (White) nail gel
The1 Builder Gel™ bottle

Why choose The1 Builder Gel™?

The1 Builder Gel™ by Gel Co London, also known as builder in a bottle (BIAB), is a soak-off gel builder collection perfectly suited for reinforcing natural nails. It integrates a primer for enhanced adhesion. The formula is remarkably safe, hypoallergenic, and wholesome, making it an excellent choice for reducing risks in gel manicures. It combines the properties of a primer, base coat, and builder gel into one, allowing for quick and efficient application. Apply it to prepared nails and complete the look with your chosen topcoat or use it as a base for your favourite gel polish. Expect a self-levelling quality that Gel Co London is known for, providing effortlessly strong overlays.

The1 Builder Gel™ by Gel Co London

Does The1 Builder Gel™ come in various shades?

Our popular and top-selling range features over 50 shades of The1 Builder Gel™, including glitter, pink, and clear options for either subtle or bold nail art designs. Experience the difference today!

What is the size of The1 Builder Gel™?

The1 Builder Gel™ is available in generous 20ml sizes, ideal for nail salon usage, offering a hypoallergenic, HEMA, HPMA, and IBOA-free formulation. It represents a cost-effective solution for nail technicians and salons.

Builders for nail technicians and salons

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